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11th Principle: Consent  This program promotes awareness about Consent within the burn community (and beyond!) through demonstration, interaction and participation.
Childhood Trauma Changing mind is about transforming public attitudes about children's exposure to violence and corrosive effects of trauma on healthy brain development
ECPAT ECPAT UK Launches New E-Learning Course on Child Trafficking and Modern Slavery
A First Man Standing is a Man Who Stands Up Against Sexism A website that has been set up to inspire and celebrate First Men Standing: from our personal story project to our collection of online resources, our aim is to learn from each other how to live out gender equality and respect.
For every child, #ENDviolence. 

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham has many tattoos. Each one represents a happy or important memory for him. But around the world, millions of children bear marks they have not chosen: the physical and psychological scars of violence. Violence against children marks them forever. Together, we must end it.
Human Trafficking 0800 222 777 is the South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line, operated by A21 South Africa in partnership with other service providers
Kwanele: Enuf is Enuf The Kwanele! Enuf is Enuf! initiative, founded by Andy Kawa, aims to break the chain of silence protecting rape and sexual violence - and their perpetrators - by urging every man, woman and child to take a continuous and pro-active stand against these crimes.
Overcoming Violence Nowegian Church Aid
Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors The idea of a Commission of experts to act as an advisory body to the Holy Father for the protection of minors and vulnerable adults was first proposed Council of Cardinals in December 2013. These Cardinals, representing Churches around the world, identified this task as one of the most urgent priorities for the Church today.
Restored Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.
SaferSpaces SaferSpaces is an interactive platform run by and for community safety and violence prevention practitioners in South Africa to connect, share knowledge and learn from each other.

Shukumisa is made up of NGOs, community-based organisations, research institutions and legal services. Our members work with adults, children, people with disabilities, sex workers and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and intersex community and other key populations.
Side by Side Side by Side is a growing global movement of people of faith who want to see gender justice become a reality across the world. We draw together faith communities in many different countries, and in each country we work together wherever possible to meet local challenges in bringing about justice and equality for all people, irrespective of gender.
Stories of Strength: Sherrie's Story Meet Sherri, a survivor of domestic violence who overcame her former spouse’s continual harassment and abuse that impacted both her workplace and her career
That's Not Cool About the Ambassadors. The Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for YOU
to raise awareness of digital dating abuse — an issue that affects your friends, family, and the community at large.
Together for Girls Together for Girls is a global-private partnership dedicated to ending violence against children, with a focus on sexual violence against girls.
Transform Harm is a resource hub about ending violence. It offers an introduction to transformative justice. Created by Mariame Kaba and designed by Joseph Lublink, the site includes selected articles, audio-visual resources, curricula, and more.
Act Ubumbano "We are a network of Southern African and European organisations working for economic, gender and environmental justice. We do this by facilitating critical reflection on our social justice practice, listening to the voices of those who are most affected by injustice, and supporting innovative and collaborative solidarity initiatives that address unjust power relations globally."
UN Women Training Centre eLearning Campus The UN Women Training Centre eLearning Campus is a global innovative online platform for training for gender equality.  It is open to everybody interested in using training or learning as a means to advance gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s rights. The site intends to deliver high quality training for gender equality by offering a diverse range of self-paced, moderated, blended and face-to-face courses, tools and services.
We Will Speak Out  We Will Speak Out (WWSO) is a global coalition of Christian-based NGOs, churches and organizations, supported by an alliance of technical partners and individuals who together commit themselves to see the end of sexual violence across communities around the world. The WWSO coalition is committed to empowering women and girls, to transforming relationships between women and men, and to ensuring that the voices of survivors of sexual violence – women, girls, men and boys – are central to their work.
White Ribbon's Portal-Pathway White Ribbon is excited to share this new digital resource with you as part of the Immigrant and Refugee Communities, Neighbours, Friends and Families Campaign. The Portal-Pathway is a place where men and boys can learn about domestic violence, its root causes and how to prevent violence against women and girls in our community. Take a look around.