We Will Speak Out SA

WWSOSA is the South African Chapter of the International WWSO Coalition, which works towards transformed, just and reconciled communities where the lives of women, boys and girls are no longer shattered by gender based violence.
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WWSOSA provides this website as a volunteer service to increase knowledge of SGBV.

Who are we?

We Will Speak Out South Africa is a group/coalition with a membership of more than 200 individuals,organisations and church groups - including faith leaders, members, and survivors of SGBV - who work together to eliminate sexual and gender-based violence in the faith sector and wider society, counter stigma against survivors and work to bring healing.

We are part of something bigger:

WWSOSA is the South African Chapter of an International WWSO Coalition, which works towards transformed, just and reconciled communities where the lives of women, boys and girls are no longer shattered by gender-based violence. 

We dream of:

A united and effective faith response to ending sexual and gender-based violence in South Africa. 

We are united by our values:

We believe all people are created in God’s image;

We respect and uphold the dignity of all people and the wider creation;

We are guided by those most directly affected;

We believe that God is a God of Justice – and that we are called to work for justice;

We are driven by a commitment to gender equality.

All our members have their own programmes and activities, but we agree to also work together.

We have a small secretariat that coordinates the work we do together so that our work is stronger, more effective and more visible.

The Secretariat helps us work together by

1.     Creating physical and virtual networkingspaces to make it easier to work together and strengthens our impact.

2.     Providing opportunities to developadvocacycampaigns together to strengthen our voices and influence those in authority.

3.     Providing links to training and online resourcesto help us learn and grow, to be more effective in our work.

4.     Operating as a hub for coordination, communications and resource mobilisation – helping members to connect to each other, find partners for joint actions and sometimes raise funds together.

  1. Collecting stories in documents or videosthat celebrate what members are doing and we are doing together in the faith sector, and sharing them among members as well as wider society. This helps us learn from each other and influence others to inspire them to transform. 

When we work together, we believe that sexual and gender-based violence and its effects will be reduced, because: 

  1. Survivors: Survivors of sexual and gender-based violence create support groups and structures and are able to speak out in public spaces
  2. Advocacy:Faith leaders are challenged and enabled to speak out against sexual and gender-based violence.
  3. Faith CommunitiesEngage: Faith communities become safer spaces for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.
  4. Allies:Men and boys are engaged as allies together with women and girls in the struggle against sexual and gender-based violence. 
  5. The work WWSOSA does contributes directly or indirectly to South Africa’s Sustainable Development Goalsas well as its compliance with key international protocolssuch as the SADC Gender Protocol.  

Do you want to be part of a movement towards equipping our churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship to end violence and create the loving world God desires for us? 

Complete a membership form and let's work together to create the change we want to see!