POWA Launches New App. 14/8/2017

Published by THENEWAGE

AS WE commemorate Women’s Month, August has been a rough month for many South African women following a series of gender-based violence (GBV) cases brought against some of the country’s most prominent names.

Football legend Marks Maponyane was recently slapped with an R3000 fine after he was accused of beating up his then wife, Sylvia. Political activist and TV presenter Shaka Sisulu will appear in court next month to face charges of assault after he allegedly assaulted his former partner.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana was charged for attacking a young woman. To counter this scourge, People Opposing Women Abuse has launched an online smartphone app to connect victims of GBV with social workers and counsellors.

The groundbreaking free app, available on Android and iOS devices, connects victims with private, public sectors and the Department of Social Development’s command centre to establish the victim’s location.