Parktown Boys' Abuse Scandal Raises Concern of Boy and male Rape. 8/5/2017

Published by 702

South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse founder, Rees Mann, says schools should now begin to put policies in place on sexual abuse against boy children.

Mann, who is also a sexual abuse victim, says the mindset that boys cannot get raped persisting in all boys schools, needs to change.

Twenty pupils at the Parktown Boys' High School have accused their coach of sexually abusing them, and surveillance footage allegedly caught the teacher fondling a pupil's genitals.

He explains that schools have been neglecting the issue of sexual abuse, and hopes this incident will effect change.

We had a conference four years ago, and we had a 100 people attend the conference. We invited 25 Gauteng schools, not one of them attended. Hopefully, schools will now realise they can't be reactive, they have to be proactive.

— Rees Mann, South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse founder

We need to change the mindset that boys can't get raped. We need a paradigm shift that abuse is abuse, and it can happen to both boy child and girl child.