News Deeply: New Evidence to Address Violence Against Children in Sub-Saharan Africa. 9/1/2017

Published by POPCOUNCIL

Recent research in East and Southern Africa suggests that post-rape
services intended for adults are increasingly frequented by girls, many
between the ages of 11-14.

In an expert Q&A article, Population Council’s Chi-Chi Undie spoke with News Deeply’s Women & Girls Hub
about her work to evaluate the best approaches to prevent and respond
to violence against children. Undie oversees the Council-led Africa Regional SBGV Network,
a multi-country, multi-partner SGBV response and research initiative in
East and Southern Africa. The network recently published a series of learning briefs that share evidence around violence against refugees and violence against children in low-resource settings.

“One of the key things about the region is that responses to SGBV
are often delivered in low-resource settings, and we are still learning
to develop homegrown solutions to such violence when resources are so
limited. One of the things we have found consistently over the last 10
years is that the bulk of those using post-rape care services are girls
below the age of 18. Often they’re concentrated between the ages of 11
to 14. So we are talking about very young adolescents here. For the last
seven years or so, we’ve worked on developing responses for women –
which is important – but children end up using these services more than
any other group, and so we should be responding to this reality. Now we
are trying to help adapt services to better deal with these needs.”