Men Are Coming Forward And Pledging To Be The Change In Response To The #Metoo Tag. 17/10/2017


In the wake of the #MeToo tag, men are coming forward and pledging to be the change needed in society. They created the #HowIWillChange tag in response.

Men across the globe heard just how women are affected by sexual harassment and assault on a daily basis. Seeing women stand up in unison and saying #MeToo was a huge wake-up call. In response, they have decided to make changes in their daily lives that will hopefully be the beginning of the end for #MeToo.

We have the motto here at Good Things Guy that if you change just one thing, you can change everything and this new movement is exactly that! #HowIWillChange is a tag being used by men who are planning on taking proactive steps in their own lives to stop harassment and assault.

The #HowIWillChange hashtag was created by writer Benjamin Law, who tweeted and urged men to pledge to take action in the wake of #MeToo.

Men started to tweet about the changes they could make. We loved reading the different ways they want to work towards the change. These are some of our favourites.