Mbalula's Six-Point Plan Questioned. 10/8/2017

Published by 702

The police minister's six-point plan is well and good on paper but very difficult in practice, Wits City Institute Mellon Doctoral candidate Lisa Vetten says.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula says he will be rolling out the plan soon, which will be communicated to all police stations countrywide.

According to the plan, no woman will be allowed to return to police stations to withdraw an abuse case after reporting it.

The plan aims to ensure better treatment of cases.

Vetten says police must be willing to provide a level of protection to women when their lives are potentially at risk after opening cases. 

We have to expect a much higher degree of support from prosecutors to constantly work with women and encourage them to continue with their cases.

— Lisa Vetten, Wits City Institute Mellon Doctoral candidate

Vetten says women often face pressure from family members to withdraw cases and economic dependency also doesn't help.

Unless the Police Minister is prepared to provide extra income to women, their families and around the clock protection, then it's nothing more than just a nice idea.

— Lisa Vetten, Wits City Institute Mellon Doctoral candidate

If you're not going to allow someone to withdraw, are you willing to arrest and detain the perpetrator? That's the only way you will be able to ensure the safety of the victim.