Mbalula: Gender-Based Violence a National Security Threat. 5/11/2017

Published by EWN

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has told police officers to treat victims of gender-based crimes with respect and treat abuse as a national threat to security

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union has been hosting its central executive committee meeting in Irene in Pretoria since Thursday, ending Sunday.

Addressing the hundreds of officers attending the meeting, Mbalula says violence against women and children is a priority crime.

“Gender-based violence is also a national security threat. The more we lose women to femicide and children to infanticide, the more the population imbalance and the threat to our existence becomes greater. The unhappiness of our girls, women and children threatens our way of life.”

He says the police must deal with criminals decisively.

“Let’s modernize, professionalize, de-politicize, de-militarize, de-escalate top-heavy management structure and keep our nation safe.”