'Crimes against women have risen 9.7%'. 2/8/2017

Published by IOL

Sylvia Lucas, NC Premier during the Freedom Day celebrations in Riemvasmaak. Picture: Supplied

During the launch of Women’s Month celebrations on Tuesday, Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas indicated that incidents of violent crimes including rape and murder, against women and children had increased by 9.7% since the beginning of the year.

She urged society and especially men to join hands in combating the scourge of women and child abuse.

“Since the beginning of this year a number of shocking incidents of violence and abuse have been making the headlines. As we join to celebrate Women’s Month let us honour our women and children by acting together to prevent abuse and to ensure a safer society for our women and children.”

Lucas stated that President Jacob Zuma would deliver the official Women’s Day address at the Galeshewe Stadium on August 9.

“The president will make announcements with regard to women’s economic emancipation and address issues of gender-based violence and the role that government is playing in fighting this scourge. There will also be exhibitions showcasing government’s achievements and programmes aimed at women empowerment, especially in mining and agriculture which are key in our province.”

She added that various activities would be held during the month which would focus on girl and women development and empowerment.

“Together with the national Department of Women we will also be rolling out dialogues on violence against women to help combat the continued scourge of violent attacks and abuse against women. The dialogues will serve as a platform for deepening democracy whilst also ensuring safer and crime-free communities, especially for our women and children.

“Emanating from this dialogue there should be a gender-based violence strategy so as to ensure that we walk our talk.”

Lucas indicated that women empowerment could not be achieved without improving access to land, education, health services and social infrastructure.

“The Northern Cape will continue to place specific emphasis on the socio-economic empowerment of women,” she said.