Bul-lets: This Fake Tampon Brand Has A Potentially Life-Saving Message For Women. 24/8/2017

Published by MARIECLAIRE

 Tampons are sometimes used in warzones when medical supplies are scarce. Because they are so absorbent, tampons can stop the blood flow from bullet wounds on the battlefield. With the war on women’s bodies currently raging in South Africa, the role of guns and bullets in domestic violence is something to be very aware of. Many South African homes are battlefields too. Disturbing as this tip might be, you can use a tampon to stem your domestic gunshot wound:

Emergency Treatment of Domestic Gunshot Wounds

According to the Medical Research Council (MRC) of South Africa, a legal gun is used in 75% of cases in which a woman is shot and killed. In 60% of cases, the shooting happens in her home. ‘Unfortunately in today’s times, the message has to be harsh in order for people to listen. The mere threat of a gun in the home is abuse in itself and will have devastating long-term effects on a family,’ says the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation’s CEO Kim Martin.

Under the Firearms Control Act, any woman who lives in fear of a gun in her home has the right to ask the police to remove the gun immediately. If you are at risk of violence in your relationship, or know someone who is, share this information and take action. Help remove a gun from a home and save the life of a woman or child today.

If you know someone who should not have a gun (for example, a volatile husband or boyfriend of a friend), you could intervene and literally save their life.

Sonke Gender Justice, in collaboration with Gun Free South Africa, Black Girl Fat Girl Magazine and the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation worked together to launch the Bul-lets campaign this Women’s Month. We fully support this initiative and its pragmatic intervention to stop femicide in South Africa.