Budget-Friendly Home Security Ideas for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Image courtesy of Pixabay

By Nora Hood








Finding a fresh start after leaving a violent relationship is an intimidating task. Chances are you worry about your safety and security, but you can reclaim your confidence.  There are several budget-friendly home modifications you can make and ideas to improve your protection and make you more comfortable. 

Motion detection.  Motion detectors offer you a number of inexpensive home safety options.  Lights with motion detection are a terrific discouragement to trespassers since they brighten when there is activity at night, alerting you and everyone else to the movement.  Other clever innovations are motion detector cameras and motion detector alarms.  Cameras will record activity silently and subtly, although the presence of a camera is often enough to deter trouble.  Alarms sound off, scaring your intruder and alerting you, the neighborhood, and the police to danger.  These qualities make motion activated devices effective and efficient security options.

Home security system.  Installing a home security system is a terrific way to provide you with more safety. You can probably do the installation yourself, and the monthly monitoring fee isn’t terribly high, about the cost of a meal out for two people.  It’s one of the most reliable ways to protect yourself and your belongings. Once your system is installed, do some peeking into your home to ensure your alarm system can’t be seen from outside. Be sure to check the view in mirrors and change how mirrors are hung as needed.  If you can’t afford to purchase a home security system or the monthly fee, purchasing stickers which indicate you have a system can be an effective alternative.  Adhere them to windows to deter break-ins.  

Install locks.  It may sound too simple, but adding an extra lock to your door can improve home security greatly.  Consider installing a deadbolt to both your front and back doors.  Invest in a high quality lock and keep the door locked at all times.  You can also install locks that automatically lock when you close the door.  That way, you don’t even have to think about it. While you’re at it, lock all of your windows as well, and keep them locked.   

Reinforce door jambs.  As Family Handyman explains, installing special plates that reinforce doors and jambs is a smart and simple way to improve your safety.  This is a easy DIY project that you can complete in about an hour, and it can prevent someone from kicking in your door. 

Automation. There is such a thing as “smart bulbs” now, and you can operate them from an app on your cell phone.  This ingenious security device allows you to turn lights on and off when you’re out, making it look like someone is home at all times.  You can automate the schedule so you don’t need to think about it, it just happens.  Another thought is to purchase timers for your indoor and outdoor lights. Creating the appearance someone is present is a terrific home safety measure

Smart landscaping.  Your landscaping shouldn’t provide any hiding places.  HGTV recommends cutting back or removing shrubbery to lower your risk for home intrusion.  Keep all plants neatly trimmed and away from your exterior walls and windows.  

Know your neighbors. It’s a good idea to get to know your neighbors and tell them enough about yourself that they are aware who lives in your home.  This way they know if someone unusual is lingering around your property.  

Pretend you have company.  You may feel silly the first couple times you do it, but saying “goodbye” to an imaginary visitor when you leave your home is a great deterrent if you feel someone is watching you.  

Confident and secure. Improving the security of your home can help you feel at ease.  Invest in some modifications to boost your safety.  With a handful of security-oriented tools and ideas you can begin reclaiming your life.